Why Kivanta?

We at Kivanta are a small family business. This means that most of our services come first-hand. All oft he products in our online shop can be found in one form or another in our own household, so we have personally tested them. We do not sell anything we are not convinced of ourselves. We place particular importance to sustainable, environmentally friendly and harmless products.

Our water bottles and cans are predominantly made of 18/8 food grade stainless steel or glass. Of course, all articles are BPA-free, as well as free of aluminum, lead and other pollutants. Healthy storage is important to us. We want to protect the environment and reduce waste. This already begins with the fact that bottles and cans have compatible closure systems and can therefore be used from early childhood to adulthood. They are also almost indestructible and are a companion for the road for many stages of life.

For toys, we pay particular attention to the certifications, which guarantee the freedom from harmful substances and make the toys safe for children. The toys are made of cotton, wood and safe plastics.

In regards to the products, we also ensure that they have a high play value and do not flood the children with stimuli; thus the children can develop real creative play and the toys will not get boring quickly, because they can use them in different ways.

Usually they come from Germany, Europe or North America, but also from Fairtrade, because by buying these products, we can all ensure that people in poor countries earn a decent income under fair working conditions to provide for their families. Non-certified toys and textiles from these countries should be left alone in order not to contribute to the misery in these working conditions.

Our household goods and care products e.g. toothbrushes are made from sustainable materials too. The beautiful bamboo kitchenware is not only made from a rapidly renewable resource that does not require any pesticides or fertilizer, it is also incredibly strong and stable. The wooden brooms and brushes made in Germany are the perfect alternative to plastic brushes that pollute the environment. And if a dishwashing brush becomes unusable, there are practical replacement attachments made of natural materials and you do not have to dispose of the entire brush immediately.

So why Kivanta? Because we care about health and the environment.