About us

Kivanta stands for "healthy living". For us, topics such as healthy drinking and food storing for a mobile life, healthy and intelligent toys and practical as well as beautiful things for everyday life are especially important. We firmly believe that our foods should not come into contact with harmful substances.

For this reason, we offer you quality-tested drinking bottles and lunch boxes, as well as useful accessories, made of pure stainless steel.

These BPA-free products from the leading brands LunchBuddy, Hydro Flask, Planet Box, Kivanta, MiiR, LunchBots, Ecococoon, Hohenfried, Le Toy Van, or Green Toys prove that it is possible to produce completely free of pollutants nowadays and offer a sensible alternative to the cheap disposable products of everyday life.

Kivanta is a small specialised mail order company based in Germany that has set itself the task of offering pollution-free food storage for everyone.

It all started with the private search for an optimal children's bottle for our son. Almost everything on the market has shown some weaknesses. Aluminum with BPA internal coating? No option for us ... so we came across a supplier of stainless steel bottles through friends in the USA in 2005. After an intensive test of the children's model, it was clear: This product meets our highest expectations.

"We do not sell anything we did not test ourselves and that we do not like to use ourselves regularly."

In the meantime, we had imported the bottles from America for many friends and acquaintances, but only in small quantities, which made the price quite unattractive. In 2009, we decided to import the bottles on a larger scale and in higher volumes. That's how this shop was created, which is still run today as a "Mom & Pop" operation, but has numerous satisfied regular customers all over Europe. We hope to be able to welcome you as a customer soon as well.